I have been producing production pottery for 21 years, and producing awards for the past 9 years consistently. My creativity, reliability, and overall professionalism are why our customers keep returning.  I look forward to your patronage.  
In 1995, when a friend of mine, Don Norman, an  elite marathon runner, came to me and asked if I could design an award from pottery for a race he was directing I decided to give it a try. With my pottery experience and 11 years of running I put my artistic mind to work with the hope bringing a new and more functional awards to the world of running.  I've achieved my goal and am now proudly serving many repeat customers.  My customers look to me for great quality and incredible service for 9 years and counting.   
1030 Orchard st. 
California, PA 15419

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Contact Information Barry Gray Cell/Phone (724) 747-1456          Email: EVPA2006@yahoo.com